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To apply for a loan, please enter your loan information here. All fields with an asterisk (*) are required. For Non-Member Applicants please enter "999999" in Member Number Field. If you select "2" for # of borrowers, you hereby acknowledge your intent to apply for joint credit. Married persons may apply for credit in their own name. Membership eligibility required. Please view Membership Requirements on www.qcu.org "About Us" Membership Page. For Auto Loans we will need: Photo ID;Insurance Binder with QCU listed as Lienholder;Recent paystub or most recent tax returns if self-employed or using rental income to qualify;Purchase and Sales Agreement from the Dealer. If refinancing from another Financial Institution please include: Copy of the auto registration, Payment coupon or account number at other institution.
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QCU Loan Representatives are available for assistance during regular business hours.